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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Full moon gong baths

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Only £10 

All levels welcome

RSVP essential due to class size. RSVP: info@DharmaYogaandArt.com

Tuesdays @18:45 - 19:45 

Friends Meeting House 20 Nigel Playfair Avenue Hammersmith London W6 9JY


Gong Relaxation

Next Gong Bath:  2nd January 2018

Dear Yogis 

Join me on Tuesday 2nd January 2018 to honour the Cancer moon with a light yoga set and full moon gong bath.   We will also set intentions for the new year (N.B. not resolutions).

The full moon gong bath is an excellent way to relax and let your active mind rest. 

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous holiday period with loved ones.


A.F. 25.10.2017

Shahnaz class yesterday was very interesting. She explained at the beginning what the aim of the class was going to be. We started with some quite challenging movements coordinated with different types of breathing and then we had a very nice "singing meditation", followed by a nice relaxation. I felt very relaxed at the end of the class. I'll definitely continue to discover more about Kundalini yoga going to Shahnaz classes. 

M.T. 29.08.2017

Your class gave me a huge surge of energy the next day and I felt great.

V.T. 25.08.2017

I am happy to recommend this class once  more to anyone who would like to do something positive for the mind & body (maybe even beyond) in a calm & supportive setting.

S.K. 24.08.2017

'I found an offer to try the class of Kundalini yoga at Friends Meeting house. When I arrived the teacher met me with a welcoming hug that made me feel so happy and relaxed at once. Shahnaz created a very positive atmosphere full of love. As it was my first class, I filled the form regarding my health condition and the teacher had a brief talk with everyone who came for the class about their health. I liked the class very much, it was very encouraging. Its content was connected to the lunar circle and eclipses that were those days and it helped me to balance my emotions and release some stress. 

We made meditation that helped me to calm down and got motivation for further classes. I'm really happy to join the classes of Shahnaz. She is a brilliant lady full of love and light. I recommend these classes to everybody! Sat Nam! 

C.B. 20.08.2017

I was on holiday in London last week and attended a yoga class and gong bath with Shahnaz. It was fantastic - Shahnaz gave a very warm welcome. She explained everything with great clarity and possesses beautiful energy. The gong bath itself was powerful - I didn't want it to end! She is definitely fulfilling her calling and path in life. I would highly recommend attending a class with Shahnaz - if I lived in London I would be a regular attendee! Best of luck Shahnaz.

Sat nam

C.J. 13.08.2017

If you're in the area, please sample the delightful Dharma Class, this is a truly heart centered teacher who just gives pure love!

V.T. 11.08.2017

'Hello Neighbours, I went to this session on Tuesday being new to Kundalini Yoga (having tried other styles.) Shahnaz was so welcoming and put me at ease straight away. The venue is absolutely perfect, intimate & serene.  The exercises were accessible to all and gave me feelings of calm energy & openness both physically and towards others & the outside world.  If you are thinking at all to try this - just do it, you will thank yourself. I will be back as soon as I get a chance.'

Yoga Art Workshops Dates Announced!

Date:     Saturday 20 January 2018 @ 15:00-17:00

Venue:  Friends Meeting House 20 Nigel Playfair Avenue Hammersmith London W6 9JY

Price:    Early bird discount: Book before 10 January 2018 £22 instead of £26 

This yoga art workshop is a unique opportunity to observe and identify which of the traditional 7 Chakras within you requires attention and balancing. We will practice Kundalini yoga & meditation and use art as a medium to connect to our higher selves.

Discover which asanas and poses can be used to balance the chakras.  
Yogi Chai and Tisanes will be served.

T&Cs:  Cancellation fees apply. 


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